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Peri Bottle 360ml

Peri Bottle 360ml

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    This product is essentially a portable bidet and is not only for postpartum care. It can be used to wash and clean nether regions after general bathroom use and can also be used to clean the same areas when potty training toddlers and for bed-ridden patients.

    -Soft and durable design
    -Retractable nozzle
    -Easy to squeeze
    -Dust cap
    -Angled narrow neck: Delivers targeted stream of relief
    -Locking seal prevents leaks and drips
    -7 water holes for more comfort and stronger stream

    -Gentle cleansing care after birth
    -For personal hygiene during menstruation
    -When suffering from Haemorrhoids
    -Staying hygienic and clean while traveling
    -For baby bum cleaning

    How to use:
    -EASY TO USE: Simply fill with warm or cold water and while sitting on the toilet, point the opened tip towards the region you would like to cleanse and squeeze the bottle to squirt the fluid over the region.

    How to clean the bottle:
    -Simply use soapy water to routinely clean the bottle

    -Capacity: 360 ml


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